Month: January 2020

The Difference Between Dentists and Dental Specialties

At Periodontal Health Center we provide comprehensive periodontal care using state-of-the-art technology and professional skills. Our practice specializes in the treatment of gum disease including cosmetic procedures to aesthetically enhance your smile and dental implants that can replace missing teeth. We’ll tell you more about periodontists in this blog, but will also go over the …

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What to Expect with Periodontal Pocket Reduction Surgery

Periodontitis is characterized by the destruction of the bone and soft tissue surrounding the teeth. As a result, the gums can recede from the teeth and form pockets which collect bacteria and debris and can become infected. Ultimately if left untreated, there can be loss of teeth as the bone deteriorates. Pocket reduction surgery is used to reduce the depth of pockets, and thus the chance that bacteria can do damage.

Difference Between a Periodontist and an Endodontist

We recently wrote a blog describing the role of periodontists. What is a periodontist? Dr. Steven Lieber and Dr. Jessica Stilley from Periodontal Health Center realized that many people still struggle with the term, but also wonder about endodontists (when they hear that term). Both are oral health specialists, and have also been trained as dentists, but with extra specialized training. We’ll go over the details for you.