The Difference Between a Dentist and Periodontist

Depending on the kinds of needs a patient is facing, a visit to the periodontist may be required rather than a general dental appointment. Many are unclear about the difference between a periodontist and a dentist, but the answer lies in the health of your gums!

Periodontists have specialized education in gums and bone. While a dentist can help prevent and treat minor cases of periodontal disease with routine cleanings and even antibiotics, if you are experiencing an advanced case of disease, a periodontist is who you want to see as soon as possible.


Here are the major differences in services provided by periodontists and dentists:


  • Soft tissue removal
  • Hard tissue recontouring
  • Deep pocket cleanings
  • Bone grafting


  • General teeth cleaning
  • X-Rays
  • Tooth extractions
  • Non-surgical periodontal care

Dr. Stilley and Dr. Lieber completed three years of specialized training on top of their degrees in order to officially become periodontists. With all of their years of experience on top of that, you can rest assured that Periodontal Health Center in the New Port Richey and Tampa area can treat concerns you may have regarding the health of your gums!

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