Are there advantages to using digital x-rays?

Yes! Digital x-rays have a number of advantages – some of which may surprise you. 

Digital x-rays produce more accurate images, but they’re also kinder to the environment and kinder to human bodies. (Did you know that digital radiography can reduce radiation exposure by 80%, compared to traditional x-rays?)

Here’s everything you need to know about the advantages of digital x-rays and how our experienced periodontists use them to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.

What are x-rays used for?

X-rays are taken so that your periodontal specialist (Dr. Stilley, Dr. Mashkouri or Dr. Medina) can get a clear view of your teeth and any areas of concern in the bone. Your doctor will use these x-rays to examine below the gum line and assess bone health.

Without x-rays, we wouldn’t be able to see the entirety of the teeth, including the roots and surrounding bone – which is fundamental in creating your personalized periodontal treatment plan. 

Your treatment plan is aimed to help you keep your natural teeth for a lifetime and/or maintain great oral health, because a healthy mouth is a healthy body!

The Advantages of Digital X-rays (Vs. Traditional)

1. Digital x-rays produce high-quality images and are more accurate than traditional radiography.

Digital x-rays generate clear images with high resolution and great contrast. High-quality images help your periodontist examine bone structures, teeth and gum tissue, spot periodontal problems (especially periodontal disease) and complete a comprehensive oral exam.

Your periodontist can magnify images, rotate them or adjust the contrast if necessary to create a precise treatment plan that optimizes your bone and gum health.

Digital images have powerful digital sensors that produce high-resolution images.

Traditional x-rays are processed on film, which doesn’t allow for these image-enhancing tools or level of precision.

2. Digital x-rays minimize radiation exposure.

Digital x-ray machines reduce radiation exposure by more than 80%, compared to traditional radiographs! Digital x-ray machines are more sensitive than traditional x-ray machines, which requires significantly less radiation to produce an image.

Radiation exposure can damage DNA in our cells and increase the risk of various cancers, which is why it’s important to minimize exposure when possible. Digital x-ray radiation dose is minimal and not considered dangerous to health. 

3. Digital x-rays allow for convenient electronic storage.

Digital x-rays are easy to store, access and transfer (if necessary.) Electronic storage is a lot more convenient than physical storage, and it reduces the chances of x-rays being lost or misplaced. If you ever need your x-rays sent to your dentist, we can deliver them electronically in only a few minutes!

4. Digital x-rays are environmentally friendly.

Digital imaging is kinder to the environment, because it eliminates unnecessary chemicals and waste from traditional x-ray film processing. To process an x-ray image, chemicals are washed over the film. These chemicals then become toxic waste, which is notorious for destroying habitats in the environment. 

Digital x-rays don’t require chemicals or paper materials to process images. Instead, they’re downloaded to our database, stored electronically and printed only if necessary.

5. Staying modern and up-to-date is important to us.

At Periodontal Health Center, we pride ourselves on being a modern practice with highly-experienced periodontal specialists who use advanced techniques and technologies. 

We’re always looking for new ways to improve our patient experience and make your treatment process more comfortable and efficient.

Throughout all of our treatments and technologies, we choose the best for our patients.

Still have questions about digital x-rays?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. We would love to discuss any of our treatments or technologies with you.

At your first visit, we’ll guide you through the process and help you make the best decision for your smile and overall health.

If you’re looking for a top periodontist in Tampa or New Port Richey, we invite you to Periodontal Health Center! Request an appointment today.

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