Top 5 Benefits of IV Conscious Sedation

So you’ve been recently diagnosed with periodontal disease and your general dentist has given you a referral to a periodontist? You may be feeling a bit anxious as you’re not sure how advanced your gum disease is and how extensive your treatment may be.

Rest assured! Our Board-Certified Periodontists are here to support you along your gum health journey.

While your first visit with us will give you a detailed and personalized treatment plan that will help reverse or stop your periodontal disease, you should also take comfort in the fact that we offer many different types of sedation for periodontal treatment – including IV conscious sedation!

What is IV conscious sedation?

If you’re not familiar with IV conscious sedation it can sound a little intimidating. After all, if you’re conscious what’s the point of choosing this type of sedation? This is a common question and concern we hear. IV conscious sedation stands for intravenous conscious sedation, in which you’ll be administered a controlled amount of a sedative which relaxes you while remaining “conscious”.

But how can IV conscious sedation for periodontics benefit you? Let’s discuss!

1. Helps relieve dental anxiety

Going to the dentist is a common fear. Our team understands dental anxiety and works with you on managing your discomfort or any concern you may have about your treatment plan or recommended procedures. And IV conscious sedation when administered by a certified sedation periodontist near you can offer unparalleled relief for patients with dental anxiety!

How? These sedatives induce a state of deep relaxation so you feel at ease throughout your procedure while still technically conscious! A simple touch on your shoulder will bring you into full-consciousness.

2. Gives you an easier procedure

Periodontal treatments are often complex procedures that require you to remain still for extended periods of time. By choosing IV conscious sedation for your treatment, you won’t hear any dental tools or experience the undue stress of trying to lie still because you’ll be in a state of relaxation that will feel like you’re asleep. This allows your periodontist to focus solely on the procedure at hand.

3. An expert helps monitor your level of discomfort

But if your periodontist is just focused on getting the best gum health results from your procedure, who’s monitoring you? An excellent question! Our periodontists work with a skilled and certified assistant who closely monitors your vitals and you for any sign of discomfort during your procedure. Together, they can adjust your dosage and keep you in comfort.

4. Increased comfort

Speaking of comfort…because periodontal treatments are a specialized dental treatment, you may feel discomfort or sensitivity at some point during your procedure. This is why we discuss sedation options with you prior to your appointment, such as sedation vs. anesthesia.

IV conscious sedation is an excellent option for pain management because the sedatives used block pain signals to your brain, effectively eliminating any discomfort or stress.

5. Shorter procedure and recovery times

Because your comfort is taken care of with IV conscious sedation, your periodontist is able to quickly and effectively complete your procedure, often faster than those who opt for general or local anesthesia.

Also, general anesthesia renders you completely unconscious during your procedure, meaning it takes a while for the sedative to wear off enough that you’re awake and ready to go. But with IV conscious sedation, a gentle shake from your periodontist will bring you straight back into full-consciousness.

This means you’ll have a shorter adjustment period before you’re safe to leave our offices and can return to normal activities within the day. Just make sure you carefully follow your post-op instructions!

Still have questions about IV conscious sedation for periodontics?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our experienced periodontists and team are here to help you love your smile for a lifetime.

If you’ve been searching for “sedation periodontist near me”, schedule your next appointment at our periodontal office in New Port Richey or Tampa!
























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