Periodontal Surgery for Orthodontics

Sometimes the periodontist needs to work with the orthodontist to help achieve beautiful and healthy smiles. Surgeries, such as periodontal plastic surgery and implants, can be done in conjunction with braces to create exceptional results. 

We can also help with tooth extractions to make space in the mouth for patients who have crowding, or to uncover teeth that are impacted in bone.

Canine Exposure

Canine exposure surgery involves opening a flap and removing small amounts of bone in order to bond an orthodontic “button” to a tooth that is not properly positioned in the arch. Once the button is bonded to the tooth, the orthodontist can move this tooth into the desired position.

Whatever your needs may be, we can work with your orthodontist to ensure that you experience the healthiest smile possible!

Have questions about periodontal surgery for orthodontics?

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