5 Benefits of Deep Cleaning Teeth

Combating periodontal disease is a daily challenge! One you accomplish by practicing good oral hygiene – brushing twice a day, using your formulated mouthwash once a day, and flossing daily as well.

But just with any disease, you’ll need an experienced doctor to help you stop or reverse the damage done so you can live your healthiest life! That’s where a periodontist comes in.

One of our experienced periodontists will draw up a personalized treatment plan to take back the health of your gums and help you keep your natural teeth. Once we’ve stopped the progression of your periodontal disease, you’ll enter your maintenance phase and one of the most important treatments is a regular deep cleaning procedure, also known as scaling and root planing.

Now you may be wondering how a deep cleaning procedure works and what are some of the benefits of deep cleaning teeth. Get all the answers to your gum cleaning questions from our certified periodontal specialists!

How a Deep Cleaning Procedure Works

A deep cleaning procedure is similar to the teeth cleaning you receive every 6 months from your family dentist. If you’re at risk for gum disease or have been diagnosed with a form of periodontal disease, this procedure is critical to maintaining a healthy, happy mouth.

Why is scaling and root planing part of your periodontal treatment plan? When your gums become inflamed, they pull away from your teeth, creating a space or “pocket” for plaque and tartar to collect. Unlike the crown of your teeth, the bone and tissue supporting your teeth have no enamel to protect them and can quickly become susceptible to infection and damage. With a sick supporting structure, your teeth will begin to feel loose or wiggle and decay further, leading to eventual tooth loss.

During your deep gum cleaning, one of our periodontal experts will use a series of specialized dental tools to clean each affected tooth in its entirety, from your crown to your roots, removing every trace of plaque and tartar. (Depending on the extent of the deep cleaning and your comfort level, your periodontist will numb your gums with a local anesthetic or use nitrous oxide, or laughing gas). Your deep cleaning procedure may be broken up into two visits to ensure proper treatment and attention to each affected area. Once completed, our periodontal team will go over deep cleaning aftercare and provide you with post-op instructions.

What are the benefits of a deep teeth cleaning?

Periodontal disease is an infection caused by plaque and tartar buildup on and beneath your gums. You remove plaque by brushing your teeth, but even a strong oral hygiene routine can’t remove all the plaque from your teeth (that’s why it’s important to visit your dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning as well).

But a dentist only removes plaque from the surfaces of your teeth so it’s important to attend regular periodontal maintenance appointments if you’ve been diagnosed with periodontal disease. Just like taking medication or insulin for diabetes, a deep cleaning procedure (scaling and root planing) is critical to treating your periodontal disease. Here’s a few of the benefits of receiving regular deep teeth cleanings for those with periodontal disease:

  1. Stops Progression of Periodontal Disease. With no plaque or tartar below your gumline, your gum infection can’t advance in stages.
  2. Helps Treat Current Infection. After a deep cleaning procedure, you can easily practice your oral hygiene routine to help your gum disease treatment do its job.
  3. Promotes Healing. The bacteria in tartar is extremely irritating to your gums and without it, your gums will be able to slowly reattach to your tooth roots.
  4. Eliminates Bad Breath. Plaque is a sticky residue that collects on teeth when food is mixed with saliva. It can harbor bacteria that promotes bad breath and cavities.
  5.  Protects Your Roots and Jawbones. Your gums are the protective armor for your roots and jawbone! When gums become infected, they’ll start to peel away, exposing your roots and eventually your jawbones to damage.


Keep Your Periodontal Disease at Bay with Regular Deep Teeth Cleanings

Let us make your fight with periodontal disease a breeze! Our periodontists have the technology and experience to assist you in successfully treating your gum disease. Our practice has been providing advanced periodontal care in Tampa and New Port Richey since 1977!

If you’re looking for a top periodontist near Tampa Bay, request your appointment with us today.

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