Don’t Miss Your Hygiene Appointments!

We understand the Coronavirus concern, and we want you to know that we continue to take it very seriously. The health and safety of our patients, team members, and doctors are our top priorities.

As always, we go above and beyond to keep our Tampa and New Port Richey offices clean to the highest standards. We are taking every measure to ensure that you are safe in our offices; we don’t want you to miss your regular hygiene appointments! 

Importance of Dental Hygiene Appointments

Just like your hand and respiratory hygiene, your oral hygiene is absolutely critical to maintain! The world may be undergoing a major change, but plaque and bacteria build-up aren’t slowing down.

If you miss your regular periodontal hygiene appointments, you’re risking the progression of unhealthy oral conditions that can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

Is teeth cleaning necessary?

During your regular periodontal cleanings, our goal is to remove tartar and plaque build-up from the crowns of the teeth and the gum line. This build-up can only be removed by a professional cleaning, which is why it’s so important that you don’t skip these appointments.

As plaque and tartar continue to build up, they create pockets between the gum and tooth roots. These pockets can fill with bacteria, creating an infection in the gums—otherwise known as gum disease.

Yes! Teeth cleanings are absolutely necessary. They should be a part of your regular oral hygiene routine, to prevent gum disease from developing or progressing.

Untreated conditions can require more severe treatment methods in the near future. Cancelling or disregarding your appointments puts you at a higher risk of developing diseases and infections in the gums.

If you delay your routine oral hygiene appointment today, it’s possible that you forget to reschedule your appointment. As more time passes, bacteria and plaque continue to accumulate!

Book your appointment today to save your teeth and gums tomorrow.

How often should you get teeth cleanings?

The frequency of your periodontal maintenance cleanings depends on your unique situation. If you are considerably susceptible to gum disease, you have gingivitis or one of the early stages of gum disease, we advise that you receive a cleaning every 3 months or so.

For people who do not have many risk factors for periodontitis (gum disease) and maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine, we advise that you receive a cleaning every 6 months.

Teeth cleanings should be completed regularly, because the bacteria that cause periodontitis activate this disease every 3 months! Before the bacteria invades the gums, they need to be removed from the teeth—especially below the gumline where bacteria flourish.

How We’re Keeping You Safe

We know that the current state of the world may discourage you from attending your regular periodontal appointments, but we want you to know that we are taking every precaution to keep you and your family safe in our offices!

We are following the CDC’s guidelines to protect our patients and team members. When you visit either of our offices, you will notice:

  • We are disinfecting our exam chairs after every patient, like we always have.
  • We’ve made our waiting room virtual.
  • Please wait in your car and call for check-in:
    • Tampa (813) 582- 7271
    • New Port Richey (727) 610-9165
  • We have hand sanitizer that we’ll ask you to use when you enter our office. We also have hand sanitizer in the reception area and other places throughout the office for you to use as much as you need.
  • We will ask you some screening questions to ensure that you haven’t traveled lately or been exposed to the virus.
  • We will record your temperature before you enter our office.

We will continue to maintain clean, hygienic offices as we always have! Please know that you are safe when you visit us at Periodontal Health Center.

Your hygiene is incredibly important, and that includes your oral hygiene. If you skip your routine teeth cleanings, you could find your gums in an advanced stage of periodontitis. Dental offices are also deemed safe business during COVID-19; check it out!

If you have any questions about our new office protocol, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We offer dental cleanings near you in Tampa and New Port Richey.

Book your regular periodontal cleaning today.

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