Why Periodontal Maintenance Appointments are Important!

Many patients may have concerns about visiting a periodontal office due to the risk of transmission of viruses such as coronavirus. You’ll be glad to know that the CDC and WHO have confirmed a total of zero COVID-19 cases originating from receiving dental care.

This is because dental professionals are held to a high hygiene standard and our cleaning procedures have evolved to account for viruses such as COVID. Our periodontal team is happy to inform you that we go above and beyond to keep our Tampa and New Port Richey offices clean and sanitary for you! We are taking every measure to ensure that you are safe in our offices, following guidance from the American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Association of Periodontology (AAP).

Our periodontal team makes your health and safety a top priority because we want you to be comfortable when you attend your regular hygiene appointments! Because attending all of your dental cleaning appointments is how you’re going to keep your periodontal disease at bay and maintain your healthy gums!

Let’s chat about the importance of your periodontal maintenance appointments.


 Is a teeth cleaning appointment necessary?

With coronavirus, we have all become more aware of the importance of our health and hygiene. And just like regular hand-washing and coughing etiquette, your oral health is critical to your overall health as well! After all, bacteria and viruses are how you get sick and your mouth is home to over 700 species of microbes at a time!

While your body’s natural defenses play a part in maintaining the spread of these microbes, they need help from you in the form of brushing and flossing! Why? Because sugar becomes a catalyst for bacteria to superspread.

When it comes to brushing, flossing, and using an anti-bacterial mouthwash daily, you’re doing your part in helping your mouth and body stay healthy and happy! But it’s important not to neglect your periodontal maintenance, or regular gum and teeth cleaning appointment. Some forms of plaque can only be removed with a special dental tool called a “scaler”. And keep in mind that plaque below the gumline (which is common in the advanced stages of periodontal disease) can only be removed with scaling and root planing.

If you miss any dental cleaning appointments without rescheduling promptly, you’re risking the progression of unhealthy oral conditions that can lead to periodontitis (advanced gum disease), tooth decay, and tooth loss.

During your regular periodontal cleanings, our goal is to remove tartar and plaque build-up from the crowns of your teeth to your gum line. This build-up can only be removed by a professional cleaning, which is why it’s so important that you don’t skip these appointments.

As plaque and tartar continue to build up, they create pockets between your gum and tooth roots. These pockets can fill with bacteria, causing your tooth roots to detach from your gums and become wiggly or loose.

So yes, gum and teeth cleaning appointments are absolutely necessary!


How often should you schedule gum and teeth cleaning appointments?

At your first visit with us, one of our experienced periodontists (Dr. Stilley, Dr. Medina, or Dr. Mashkouri) will map out your personalized treatment plan to take back the health of your gums!

The frequency of your periodontal maintenance cleanings will depends on your unique needs:

  • If you have a high-risk of developing periodontal disease or you currently have signs or symptoms, we may advise that you receive a gum and teeth cleaning every 3 months or so.
  • For those who are not at risk for periodontal disease, have no signs or symptoms, and maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine, you should schedule a dentist cleaning appointment every 6 months and contact us if you have any periodontal concerns.

Periodontal cleanings should be done regularly because the bacteria that causes periodontal disease can activate every 3 months! Before this bacteria can begin to build up to harmful levels, our periodontists will gently remove it from your teeth and below your gumline (where bacteria flourish!)

Keep Your Gums in their Best Shape with Regular Periodontal Cleanings

If you need to reschedule your gum and teeth cleaning appointment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to support you and your gums!

Want to know more about how we’re keeping you safe? Check out our updated appointment protocol here.

At PHC, our highly-experienced periodontists are dedicated to improving your gum health and providing you with the resources you need to maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. When you visit us for your periodontal maintenance appointments, we’ll examine your current periodontal condition and perform any gum or teeth cleaning as needed to help keep your gums in their best shape!

If you need to schedule a gum and teeth cleaning appointment and are looking for a top periodontist in Tampa or New Port Richey, we’d love to meet you! Request an appointment today.

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