How to Avoid St. Patrick’s Day Mishaps

American dental tools provider Sikka Software has found that March 18th is a popular day for cosmetic dentists. Since 2008 they have been tracking emergency dental visits and have seen a consistent 77% increase in visits the day after St. Patrick’s Day! Why such a drastic jump? It seems green beer and whiskey may be to blame. After a few too many, patients are more apt to lose their balance leading to a face-to-pavement situation. Others become rambunctious and become caught up in a face-to-fist scenario. Regardless of how it happens, the data proves that more than a few teeth are lost in the celebrations.  Here are a few tips to stay out of our office this holiday.
  1. Disengage Arguments
    As the night goes on and tempers flare, it’s best to take a “make love not war” approach to preserve your pearly whites. When things get tense remind yourself it’s not worth it, practice some deep breathing, and consider how much you’ll appreciate relaxing on the 18th instead of visiting a dentist. If all else fails, bob and weave. 
  2. Walk On Grass
    If you’re starting to feel a bit wobbly try to avoid walking on pavement. A little spill onto the grass will be much more forgiving than if you make contact with concrete. 
  3. Wear a Mouthguard
    If you’ve accepted that your St. Patty’s celebrations are going to err on the rowdy side, take protective measures. A mouthguard may not look great for pictures, but you’ll take pride in knowing you’ll have the best looking smile at brunch. Adding in some knee pads and a helmet makes you look even more savvy. 
  4. Drink Responsibly
    As always, the best way to avoid any holiday accidents is to drink responsibly. Here at PHC we wish you the best St. Patrick’s day and hope we don’t see you due to any holiday mishaps, but if things happen to go that way anyway we’re here to help. 

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