Laser Periodontal Therapy, How Does It Work?

As technology advances, so do our treatment methods! Laser periodontal therapy is a highly advanced, highly effective method for reversing the effects of periodontal disease.
(Not sure what periodontal disease is? Check out the 3 stages of periodontal disease broken down!)

Why might laser periodontal therapy become necessary?

In the case of periodontal disease, or gum disease, once it has progressed to the second and third stages (periodontitis and advanced periodontitis, respectively), the damage caused by this disease is irreversible by use of natural techniques or a sudden improvement in oral care. At this point, the gums are infected and gaping pockets have formed between the gums, the jaw bone and the tooth roots. These pockets are filled with bacteria, plaque and debris, and they’re impossible to reach with your toothbrush. This is when laser periodontal therapy and similar procedures are utilized for removing the infected area of the gums and treating gum disease.

How does laser periodontal therapy work?

Laser periodontal therapy works in conjunction with root scaling. Using a specific dental laser, we are able to target the infected, inflamed areas of the gum and remove them.  (Not all dental lasers have the same function! There are various dental lasers available to treat different dental concerns.) This specific laser allows for great precision and accuracy in targeting infected areas around the roots of the teeth. We use this laser to kill the bacteria in the gums that’s causing and perpetuating the infection as well as removing the already-infected tissues. Once we remove all infected tissue and the roots of the teeth are exposed, we begin the scaling procedure.

How does the scaling procedure work?

The root scaling procedure is how we treat and thoroughly clean the remaining tooth roots and gum tissues that are susceptible to infection. With the tooth roots exposed, we use specialized tools to remove built-up plaque, bacteria and tartar from the exposed root surfaces, the crowns and the gums. Completing this scaling procedure during periodontal laser therapy allows us to eradicate all of the previously infected periodontal tissue to perform a deep cleaning on the remaining roots and tissues.

What are the benefits of laser periodontal therapy?

This treatment against gum disease is not nearly as invasive as a typical oral surgery. 
  • Without the need to cut through tissues, there is significantly less bleeding following laser therapy. 
  • The use of lasers also reduces the amount of swelling and pain stemming from the removal of infected gums.
  • Removing the damaged tissues, residual bacteria and tartar allows the remaining periodontal tissues to regenerate between the gum and the tooth roots once they’re back intact. 
Laser periodontal therapy is a leading advancement in the treatment of gum disease. We are proud to have doctors who are highly qualified in laser gum surgery (Tampa and New Port Richey) and the treatment of gum disease. We provide dental implants, esthetic crown lengthening, bone regeneration techniques and more for our patients. 
If you or someone you know is seeking an oral surgeon, New Port Richey and Tampa locations have you covered! 


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