Why Should I Try to Save My Natural Teeth?

Although modern dental medicine provides a variety of methods for repairing your smile and bite with artificial teeth, preserving your natural teeth remains the best option.
  • Why might a tooth need to be removed?
  • What are the benefits of caring for your natural teeth?

Physical Trauma

Sometimes one or more teeth will become damaged due to an accident or physical trauma. Believe it or not, a knocked out tooth can often be replanted successfully by a dentist or endodontist if you act quickly (within a half hour) and if certain conditions are met. A fracture can generally be repaired if it is not a vertical split that extends below the gum line.

Cavities & Tooth Decay

Cavity holes develop when plaque builds up over time and causes tooth decay. Cavities can be painful and lead to additional damage, including periodontal disease. Cavities may be repaired if the teeth are healthy enough and not crucial for mouth function (such as wisdom teeth). If the tooth is badly decayed or infected, a root canal procedure may be suggested to remove the nerve and pulp from inside the tooth. After the tooth is cleaned and sealed, patients are pain-free and will no longer notice the cavity.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal diseases are caused by infections of the gums, which eventually destroy the support of your teeth. As time progresses, areas of the bone are damaged, causing periodontitis. The gums then recede from the teeth and form pockets of bacteria and debris. (This is where we come in!) As periodontists, we can perform scaling and root planing as a first line of defense. Pocket reduction surgery can reduce the depth of existing pockets and make future periodontal maintenance cleanings more effective.
The above procedures can become rather costly, so caring for your natural teeth is the smarter route–more sustainable and much less costly. Similar to car ownership, proper maintenance and repairs on a regular basis are much cheaper than a major repair or replacement.
Stay on top of your dental health and take proper care of your natural teeth!
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